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<![CDATA[Heat therapy reduces pain for mums]]>Wed, 11 Sep 2019 23:37:05 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/heat-therapy-reduces-pain-for-mumsPicture
​Child birth… one of the most painful events in many women’s lives!
Using heat therapy during labour can be a highly effective and economical way to provide some relief. It’s safe, it’s easy and it’s a natural way to reduce the severity and intensity of the labour pain.
Heat therapy during labour can be applied in different ways, but the use of heat packs is a very simple, low risk and effective method.

There’s some evidence that suggests heat also might reduce labour duration too!
Heat is not only useful during labour, but also to support women during their pregnancy, as well as after the birth, to relieve aches and pains.
Our neck and back instant heat pack set is the perfect choice for mums – to use before, during and after the birth.
Our quality packs last for years to come if well looked after, so this set will be a great investment for the whole family.
Buy an instant heat pack set for the special mum in your life. Natural, simple, pain relief. 
<![CDATA[Warm your cold fingers this winter!]]>Tue, 06 Aug 2019 00:27:41 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/warm-cold-fingers-this-winter
Fingers feeling a little frosty on these cold winter mornings? Watching the kids play winter sports and wishing you were by a warm fire instead?
Our instant heat pocket packs are a great help if you’re feeling this way! Lightweight and easy to take with you, they will relieve cold hands and fingers instantly.
​Tucked away in your pockets, this insulation will help them keep warming for even longer. Great for kids fingers too, and those with arthritis.
Being so compact they are super easy to reset when you get home, ready to use for next time.
These versatile packs can also be kept in the fridge and used cold to soothe insect bites, small bumps and bruises.
They can be purchased individually, or save by getting them in sets of two. 
So there's no need to keep suffering in the cold…. Try some instant heat, hand and pocket packs this winter!
​(You may need a sports and joints pack up under your jumper too, if it’s freezing sitting on the sidelines!)
<![CDATA[Why our reusable, instant heat packs are better!]]>Sun, 19 May 2019 04:15:14 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/why-our-reusable-instant-heat-packs-are-betterPicture
There are so many advantages to using our medical grade, reusable, instant packs over other heat pack products on the market.
Here are a just a few…

  • Our packs heat to a safe 52 degrees. This reduces the risk of burns, as the temperate of other packs can’t be well controlled.
  • They won’t catch fire like wheat or rice packs can.
  • They are sterilised after each use so can be shared by others.
  • They won’t grow mould or cause a risk of allergies like wheat or rice packs can.
  • There is food grade solution inside, which means they are harmless if the pack is cut open or damaged. Others can have nasty chemicals inside.
  • Our heat packs come in a range of shapes and sizes, specifically designed for different parts of the body - unlike others that are usually a basic rectangle or standard shape.
  • Our packs mould to the body, ensuring superior heat relief and comfort. A hot water bottle sure doesn’t do this!
Friendly for the environment and the hip pocket:
  • Our packs can be used hundreds of times for years to come.  With regular use most other packs last only for about one year (if you’re lucky), before they need replacing.
  • Other instant packs on the market are single use, disposable products, creating a significant amount of waste (and cost!)
  • We offer a two-year warranty for peace of mind, as we are confident of their quality.
  • Getting so much use from them and lasting for so long, means they are highly economical compared to other packs.
  • Use them anywhere, anytime – no need for a microwave!
Superior heat
  • Our packs generate their own heat, meaning that they will stay warm for longer (about an hour for the larger packs).
  • They heat instantly, so are ready whenever you need. 
  • We’ve had amazing feedback from customers about the quality, design and relief they provide. “The best heat pack they’ve ever had.”
  • Our instant packs are registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.
The list of advantages of these instant packs over other products could certainly go on… but this is a good start!
Contact us for more information or buy one today and try them for yourself.
<![CDATA[Warm baths… are they really worth it?]]>Wed, 27 Feb 2019 01:54:00 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/warm-baths-are-they-really-worth-itPicture
The answer is a big yes! There is a great amount of evidence showing that warm baths are helpful for a whole range of health issues. There are benefits for both physical and mental health.
Here are just a FEW of the things that warm baths can be effective for:

  • Pain management
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Musculo-skeletal function
  • Inflammation
  • Tension and anxiety
  • Body aches and pains
  • Respiratory health
  • Sports preparation and recovery
  • Mental and physical relaxation
  • And more!
Although more research is needed, a very recent study has shown promising signs of the benefits of warm baths for blood sugar levels and cardiovascular disease risk factors too!
About a 20-minute soak is all that is needed. Warm full body baths and foot soaks are a simple way to find relief.
Better still, by adding some of our NEW Thera-Ease Tasmania magnesium chloride bath flakes, that contain carefully selected 100% Tasmanian essential oils to your bath…. The soothing gains are even greater!
Our relieving bath flakes range, boost the natural effects of a warm bath further. Stay tuned for more details about each of our bath flake products.
Taking the time for a warm full body soak or foot bath is well worth it. Enjoy!
<![CDATA[Our 'top tips' for using the instant packs]]>Wed, 13 Feb 2019 22:43:26 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/our-top-tips-for-using-the-instant-packsPicture
To get the best out of your instant heat packs, here are five of our top tips for using them…
​1. Fold the pack before it sets hard, for easy boiling.
Especially for the larger packs, it’s wise to fold them while still soft, when you’ve finished using them. This makes them so much easier to pop in a pot and boil. If they are left spread out and set hard, you’ll need a very large pot to reset them in. A quick fold of the Back and Body pack in half, or two folds with the Neck and Shoulder pack (one side folded over on top of the middle section, and the other side folded under the middle section). This makes them compact and super easy to reset.

​2. Store one in the fridge so it’s ready to use cold.
You’ll be surprised at how well the packs chill in the fridge! They really absorb the coolness and stay cold for quite a while. We’ve found from our own experience that often it’s more comfortable to have these cold packs from the fridge, than something from the freezer, where the cold can be too intense. Make sure the pack is in its liquid form when in the fridge, and if it’s stored in there it’s ready to use whenever you need.

3. Use a boiling bag for resetting your instant packs.
While using a tea towel or calico bag is ok for resetting your packs, our boiling bags are designed especially for this purpose. They are very light weight and the water drains out really easily when you lift them out of the pot with the drawstring. This means they are much more practical to use and safer. Dealing with hot, heavy, soaked tea towels and tongs to get the pack out, can be tricky. For $8 it’s a great investment for the most practical use of your instant packs. 

4. Get into the habit of resetting the instant packs soon after use.
How often do we say, ‘I’ll do that later’ and don’t get to it? Then when we go to use something next time it’s not ready to go. Don’t let this ‘something’ be your instant heat packs! It’s a good idea to get into the habit of resetting your instant packs soon after using them. This means whenever you need them next, they are ready to go. It’s also better for the packs if they are stored in their liquid form.

5. Use your Sports and Joints, and Back and Body packs with a belt.
Our lightweight bio ceramic belts have been custom designed to fit two of our popular packs. Not only do the belts hold the packs in place around ankles, elbows, backs, tummy’s and more… they keep the packs warm (or cold) for longer. They also play a role in helping to distribute the heat through the ceramic nodules on the inside of the belt. We’ve had a great amount of feedback from people about the comfort and practicality of using the belts, and the value of them holding the pack in place for you. 
<![CDATA[Heat or cold for arthritis?]]>Wed, 30 Jan 2019 02:25:30 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/heat-or-cold-for-arthritisPicture
One in six Australian’s suffer from arthritis. Many of these people swear by the use of heat and cold therapy to help manage and relieve their painful symptoms. While the research is still a little unclear, most of the arthritis support organisations also recommend the use of heat and cold therapy to relieve pain. Heat and cold therapy is safe, simple, soothing and inexpensive. 
So hot or cold? 

Well, it depends on your particular symptoms and your preferences.
  • Heat therapy is usually recommended for general joint pain and stiffness, tension and muscle soreness. Heat therapy is very comforting and increases blood flow to the area, relaxes muscles and improves joint flexibility. Warming up the muscles and joints, and increasing their range of motion before daily activities is particularly helpful.
  • Cold therapy is usually used for acute, or more intense episodes of burning pain and swelling or inflammation.
For most people it’s often trial and error to find what works best for them – hot, cold, or for many, a mix of both.
A really important point, is that while generally very safe, it is possible to cause burns from hot or cold if not careful.
Our range of instant heat packs (that can also be used cold) are perfect for providing the soothing relief needed when managing arthritis symptoms. They heat to a safe 52 degrees, unlike some other packs where the temperature is difficult to control. They can also be stored in the fridge, ready to be used cold. Using packs from the fridge can be safer than a frozen item on the skin. A scarf or towel between the pack and the skin may also be useful for those who are particularly sensitive.
​Or you might like to try our pearl packs. These come with a plush side, creating a soft barrier between the skin and direct heat or cold.
We have a range of pack sizes and shapes suitable for different areas of the body.
Our sports and joints packs and the custom designed belts to hold them in place are very popular for those with arthritis.
Many people we talk to with arthritis find relief from our heat and cold packs. We hope that you will too!
<![CDATA[Heat therapy aides stretching, to improve range of motion.]]>Thu, 10 Jan 2019 04:20:14 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/heat-therapy-aides-stretching-to-improve-range-of-motionYoung women stretching muscles
Athletes, coaches, therapists and every day Australians use stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion. Whether its hamstrings, shoulders, hips, biceps or other important muscle areas, it’s common to see stretching as part of physical activity ‘warm ups’ and training exercises. Stretching is used as part of therapy treatments and recommended for all of us to keep healthy.
But did you know that using heat therapy along with stretching, has better outcomes compared to stretching alone?

A systematic review of research showed this, and that improved range of motion is also sustained longer, when using heat therapy too. Regardless of which muscle group in the body, the type of application (including heat packs), or the number of treatments; using heat and stretch together is more effective than stretching on its own.
In our Tasmanian heat packs range there is a size and shape suitable for all different areas of the body and muscle groups. Instant packs can be used when out and about, without the need for a microwave. They can be re-used hundreds of times, so are an economical and more environmentally friendly option than other single use products. Our bio ceramic belts for our sports and joints pack or back and body pack, will help hold the heat packs in place and keep them warm for longer. This means you can be warming up the muscles while doing other things!
Some sports have now modified athletes’ regimes, by shifting 'static stretching' to non-training days and using ‘dynamic stretching’ before training and competition. This approach treats flexibility and range of movement routines as a separate and important focus for the athlete. Instant heat packs are highly convenient to use for both your static stretching routine, (wherever you are doing it), and as part of the dynamic stretching prior to training or competing. They are also important in assisting with the warm up of recovering or problematic muscles or joints prior to activity.  
We encourage you to try our Thera-Ease Tasmania heat packs as part of your stretching program and let us know how you go with improving your range of motion and flexibility. 
<![CDATA[Heard of evaporative cooling? Learn how our cool neck ties work!]]>Mon, 31 Dec 2018 01:16:59 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/heard-of-evaporative-cooling-learn-how-our-cool-neck-ties-workMan using cool neck tie around his neck
We’ve been selling quite a few cool neck ties at the markets in Tasmania given the hot weather lately! People are amazed at how cool our demonstration neck ties are. We soak them at about 6am and that’s it. All through the hot day at the market visitors keep feeling them and can't believe how brilliantly cool they stay.
We're being asked how they work... so wi
thout getting too 'over the top' scientific, we’ll attempt to explain simply how our cool neck ties keep cool!

First a little bit of background. To use the cool neck ties, they need to be soaked in water for about 10-20 mins. The super absorbent crystals inside soak up the water – expanding about 400 times their size. It’s used by then tying it around your neck or forehead to help keep you cool.
So… how does this work?
The absorbed water in the neck tie very gradually evaporates. This naturally occurring evaporation is called passive evaporation. As the water evaporates it draws heat from the surrounding air to allow it to change from liquid to vapour. This process creates a cooling effect. It doesn't leak or drip and you don't feel wet at all - just cool!
It’s a great idea when wearing the neck ties to turn them over every now and again. The surface that is exposed to the hot air will be creating more coolness, so refreshing the side that is in contact with your skin occasionally over the day, will keep you even cooler.
The neck ties will keep cooling for up to 3 days after you soak them, but you can refresh them each day or whenever you wish.
If the science doesn’t interest you, it might be enough just letting you know, that no matter how they work… they do work!!
​​And they last for a long time if you look after them. This means properly letting them dry out when they aren't going to be used for a while, and storing them ready for hot weather again. They can be hand washed with warm soapy water too, to keep them clean.
Our cool neck ties are a great option for people working outdoors, being active, for older people, or anyone!

A very simple, safe, reusable and cheap way to keep cool! They come in a range of colours. 
<![CDATA[Low back pain relief]]>Sun, 30 Dec 2018 05:00:00 GMThttp://thera-ease.com.au/blog/low-back-pain-reliefMan with low back pain
We know many people (including ourselves!) who have suffered low back pain at some stage in their lives, and for many it’s an ongoing issue.
Incredibly, over 3.7 million people in Australia suffer from low back pain!
​Heat therapy (or thermotherapy) has been shown through MANY studies to be effective in relieving low back pain. 
​Our most popular heat therapy product for low back pain is the ‘Back and body pack and belt’ set.
​So how does heat help to relieve pain?

Applying heat to a painful area:
  • decreases the pain signals to the brain
  • dilates the blood vessels (which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients)
  • increases soft tissue flexibility (which decreases stiffness)
  • reduces muscles spasms
Basically, it works!
Being physically active is also something that can help to manage low back pain, and obviously seeking professional diagnoses and treatment is important.
Studies have also shown that heat therapy can be a really useful tool in managing low back pain during pregnancy too.
We have a fantastic range of cost-effective heat therapy options that can be reused hundreds of times, to help manage and relieve low back pain.
Our back and body packs and belts are designed specifically to fit the lower back area (or tummy), giving a generous area of heat coverage. The bio ceramic belt has been custom made to fit our back and body heat packs to keep them warm for longer and hold them comfortably in place.​
Our Thera-Ease Tasmania quality back and body packs are available in both the instant range and the microwave range.
We have had amazing feedback from people who have been using these products, about the relief they are providing, and how easy they are to use. 
A highly economical way to get low back pain relief for years to come. 
Back and body instant pack and belt set
Back and body instant pack and belt set
Back and body belt around low back. View from the side.
Back and body belt. Light, comfortable fit.